after-sale warranty

       The company fully implements the ISO9001 quality system, and strictly implements three Inspection, that is, raw material inspection, process inspection, factory inspection; in the process of production circulation, self-inspection, mutual inspection, special inspection and other measures are also used to ensure product quality. Guarantee that substandard products do not leave the factory, and the pass rate is 100%. Organize production in strict accordance with user requirements and relevant national standards, provide products, and ensure that the products provided are brand new products that have not been used, and are made with the most suitable raw materials and advanced technology to ensure product quality, specifications and performance and bidding documents. Said or user to be consistent. Users are welcome to come to the company to supervise production at any time during the manufacturing process. The goods adopt the most suitable mode of transportation, and the packaging and signs conform to national standards and user requirements.
I. Quality policy, goal, commitment
1. Quality policy:Adopt advanced technology and scientific management, Strict material inspection, standardized operation, production of safe and reliable, genuine
High-quality products, perform contractual duties, do a good job in after-sales service, and meet customer expectations and requirements.
2. Quality target:
A. Effective operation According to the SO9001 standard, the quality system is established, and the product strictly implements the national standard.
B. The one-time pass rate of inspection products is 100%.
C. The qualified rate of the manufactured products is 100%
D. The pass rate of supervision and random inspection at all levels is 100%
3. Quality Commitment:
A. Guarantee to provide high-quality products that satisfy users.
B. The company is responsible for the quality of the products provided.
C. After receiving customer feedback information, improve after-sales service within 24 hours.

Second, quality control
1. Quality system: In order to provide technical support for products affecting products, Factors such as management and personnel are effectively controlled to prevent and eliminate unqualified products. The company has planned and systematically formed quality system documents, and strictly implemented them to ensure the continuous effectiveness of the quality assurance system.
2. Contract review: In order to better implement the contract content and meet the customer's product requirements, the company will review all tenders, Orders and contracts are reviewed before they are signed, and each department confirms that they can meet the requirements of the bids, orders and contracts.
3. Design control: Ensure that product design and development are planned and executed according to design control procedures, to ensure that products meet relevant national standards and User requirements.
4. Control of documents and materials: In order to maintain the integrity, correctness, Unified and effective, to prevent the use of invalid or invalid documents, the company strictly controls documents and materials.
5. Procurement: In order to meet the quality requirements of the company's final products, the company has Purchasing is strictly controlled
system. There are strict regulations on supplier qualification inspection and procurement procedures.
6. Product identification and traceability: In order to prevent raw and auxiliary materials, outsourced parts, semi-finished products and finished products from being produced Mixed use in circulation, the company stipulates the way to identify products. When traceability requirements are specified, uniquely identify each product or batch. Traceability records are kept for three years.
7. Process control: Our company effectively controls every process that affects product quality in the production process to ensure the final product meet the specified requirements.
8. Inspection and testing:In order to verify that various products in the production process meet the specified requirements, inspection and testing are specified required and required to keep records.
A. Incoming inspection and testing
B. Process inspection and test
C. Final inspection and test
9. Control of inspection, measurement and test equipment:In order to ensure the accuracy of inspection, measurement and reliability of the value, To meet the needs of production, the company stipulates the control, calibration and maintenance of inspection, measurement and test equipment.
10. Control of qualified products: In order to prevent unqualified release, use and delivery, the company manages, Isolation and disposal methods are strictly regulated.
11. Corrective and Preventive Actions: In order to eliminate actual or potential nonconformities, the company conducts corrective and preventive actions strict regulations.
12. Handling, storage, packaging, protection and delivery: In order to ensure the quality of purchased materials, semi-finished products and finished products, the company Strict and systematic documentation and strict controls are in place for handling, storage, packaging, protection and delivery.
13. Training: In order to improve the quality and technical level of all staff, ensure the effective operation of the quality assurance system and achieve quality goals, the company Detailed training objectives and plans are formulated and strictly implemented.
14. Statistical technology: The company chooses the applicable statistical technology to qualitatively, Quantitative analysis for effective control and validation.