Regional agent

I. Qualification requirements for regional agents :

   1. The agent is to press A company established under Chinese law should have more than one year of professional sales experience in cables, building materials, and electromechanical, etc., and have a fixed local business premises and cable sales stores.

   2. The agent has good good business reputation and a certain ability to resist business risks.


Second, Mingda provides the following support to the agent:

1. Publicity support< /span>

Minda is responsible for the agency store It is also responsible for the design and delivery of market advertisements, the printing and delivery of product lists, the production and distribution of promotional tools, samples, etc.; if you need market promotion, price lists, promotions, etc., Mingda will arrange personnel to assist. Hosted by the agent.

2. Spot support< /span>

Minda factory stock available Spot support, a full range of cloth wires are available in stock, and common specifications and models of copper core power cables and aluminum alloy cables are available in stock.

3. Mobile phone quotation software Support

Minda is free agent After opening the ordering software, the agent can check the price, stock quantity, ordering and other matters on the software.


Sichuan Regional Account Manager Contact:  ;   

North Sichuan: (Manager Qing 18227642379) Deyang, Mianyang , Guangyuan, Bazhong    
    East Sichuan: (Manager Liu 18780260543) Guang'an, Suining, Nanchong, Dazhou, Ziyang 
   South Sichuan: (Manager Lei 15718030761) Meishan, Neijiang, Zigong, Luzhou, Yibin 
   West Sichuan: (Manager Wei 15196687288) Leshan, Ya'an, Xichang, Panzhihua     
   Chuanzhong: (Manager Wu 18180898873) Greater Chengdu range