Service philosophy

Business philosophy: “Integrity builds image, management improves team, quality builds brand, service expands market”.

Marketing philosophy: Innovate the market, guide sales; meet demand, provide full service.

Market concept: The market is the sea, the quality is the ship, and the brand is the sail.

Market positioning: Strengthen the high-end market and enhance brand influence; expand the mid-end market and increase brand awareness.

Product positioning: High-end products, leading industry technology; mid-end products, implementing national standards; customized products to meet customer needs .

Price positioning: High-tech products, create value; traditional products, small profits but quick turnover.

Marketing model: Engineering project agency + network channel distribution + terminal supporting direct sales + equity cooperative joint sales.

Marketing strategy:“Based on Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, radiating the surrounding area, facing the whole country, and going global. Expand the field of strategic cooperation with new premium products, drive the traditional cable market sales, and expand the business of major bidding projects".