1. Job Information: Tender Document Producer (full) 

1. Proficient in bidding related laws and regulations, familiar with bidding management process, and responsible for the collection, summary and analysis of bidding information;

2. Evaluate the risks and benefits of the collected bidding information, and give opinions and suggestions on whether to participate in the bidding;

3. Familiar with the content and requirements of the bidding documents, organize the pre-bid preparations, write and submit the bid documents according to the bid documents, and revise and supplement the bid documents in a timely manner;

4. Responsible for the printing, binding, packaging, preservation and regular summary and archiving of bidding documents;

5. Continue to follow up the post-bid finishing work, obtain the bid result and the bid-winning notice, and hand over the bid-winning notice to the company.

Job Requirements:

1. College degree or above, with 1-3 years experience in making tender documents;

2. Proficient in using word, excel, ppt, PS and other office software;

3. Be sincere, rigorous in work, strong in confidentiality, and have a sense of teamwork;

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Second, Job Information: Extruder Captain (full)

1. Familiar with the basic operation of the extruder;

2. Proficient in the manufacturing process of wires and cables;

Job Requirements:

1. Healthy and able to bear hardships and stand hard work

2. Those who have worked in the wire and cable industry are preferred